Dear Friends,

How fast has December come this year? It feels like this year has passed incredibly quickly. Or maybe it’s because I am getting older!

The beginning of December brought the launch of our mini pre-spring collection, a brief introduction to what we have in store for you next year. My personal favourite is the Valentina Gilet in navy. Such a timeless essential and oh so versatile. I will be wearing mine well into the spring.

I am still glued to Strictly, lots of great dancing this year, and the dance-off gets ever more nail-biting! I am still routing for Ellie as she has never danced before. However, Layton and Nikita leave me breathless most weeks!

This Christmas I will have all my lovely family with me, there will be nine around the table and I can’t wait to spend time with both my children, their partners and my four gorgeous grandchildren. A few years ago, we decided to cut back on presents and last year my daughter suggested we do our usual Secret Santa for the adults, but one with a twist. We must each spend £20 at a Charity shop (trust me, you can find everything you need in there), and if you don’t like or want your gift, then it goes back to the charity shop - winners all round and you would be surprised what turns up!

Golf has been sporadic due to the wet and cold weather, but I managed to play in the fabulous hoar frost on Saturday, a true Winter Wonderland! We are so blessed to be in the middle of the South Downs National Park.

The girls at the office are off from 25th until 27th December but our packing angels will continue to send out our lovely parcels on days when Royal Mail is working too.

Have a great December everyone!