Dear Friends,

I can’t quite believe we are already in September!

That said, September is one of my favourite times of the year, we start to slowly say goodbye to summer and welcome in the cosier months ahead.  

September is a busy month here for us at Box2 we will be launching our new Autumn collection – which I am so excited for! I can’t wait to start wearing chunkier knits and jeans.

We have also been working very hard in the background to prepare for our next photoshoot, any guesses where we are off to this time? Somewhere sunny… you guessed it! At the end of the month, we will be jetting off to the South of France to shoot the beginning of our Spring 2024 collection – hopefully, they will have better weather than our rather wet British Summer.

Whilst that is all going on I will also be following London Fashion Week to see what new hues and prints are trending the runways and continuing to watch my new favourite series; Special Ops. Lioness (written by the creator of Yellowstone, my last favourite!). It has had me gripped!

Autumn months are my favourite as the weather is usually sunny and dry which suits my wonderful pastime of golf, I try to play at least twice a week at my club, The Dyke which is on the top of the downs with fabulous views of the Brighton coast, we are so blessed.

By the next time we speak in October the new season of Strictly Come Dancing will have started (my favourite), knitwear will be filling our wardrobes and I will be enjoying those crisp early morning dog walks.

Have a great September!