Welcome to the world of ZSISKA…


Siska Schippers

Zsiska was founded by Siska Schippers in 1992 in Thailand. She was a Dutch gold and silversmith who was inspired by vibrant colours and the versatility of resin. With her creative flair and artistic energy, she found a way to make resin as clear as glass and very light in weight resulting in exclusive statement pieces. 

Brand and Factory

Siska started to work with resin in a small studio about two hours south of Bangkok, where she employed fourteen women. It took several years to get used to the resin; the team learned to master the material through trial and error. The fourteen women with whom Siska started the company still work for ZSISKA today. Most of their family members and children joined the company at a later stage.

How are the beads made?

Each bead is individually poured, painted, and tied with care. With experience and dedication, ZSISKA developed refined technical skills and high quality standards to ensure that your beloved Jewellery will last for many years to come!