It is that time of year when we all start to think about resetting our wardrobes ready for the colder months ahead. It’s time to say goodbye to summer dresses and welcome back our beloved knitwear. This transitional period also creates a good excuse for a clear-out, lets be honest as much as we all dread this task you can’t beat the feeling of a clear and organised wardrobe.

I believe the drop in temperatures is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new jumper, right? However, it is hard to know the best way to store knitwear to keep them in the best condition.

Well, the golden rule for storage is… fold your knits! They
are best kept folded neatly on a shelf in your wardrobe or in a chest of draws. This prevents your knitwear from misshaping and stops any indentations in the shoulders. When knitwear is hung for long periods of time gravity does its worst and jumpers grow! If I do have to hang a few pieces of knitwear, I always use a well-padded hanger to prevent this as much as possible.

The wearing of knitwear always brings pilling. Unfortunately,
pilling is a natural process that occurs on even the most high-quality knitwear. It is a consequence of wear, so the best way to keep your favourite knit looking new is to remove the pills. Pills on a heavier knit can be removed by hand, but a pilling comb is best to avoid causing any damage.

Happy Sweater Storage!